How to recover my Facebook account through friends 2020?

A comprehensive guide for recover Facebook account with the help of friends

For those who have lost access to their account, they can now easily reset their Facebook account password using their trusted contacts or friends. Well, this recovery process is a bit slower as compared to other recovery techniques, but this is a great option to restore access to the Facebook account when the user has lost access to most of their recovery options.

How can trusted contacts help in restoring Facebook account passwords?

For the customers who have queries regarding Facebook account recovery online using trusted contacts, it is a password reset feature that permits the users to reset their lost account password by seeking help from trusted friends. Further, for using this feature, it is required that the customer has created a list of trusted friends.

And for a better understanding of the user, one can check out this article and explore this easy process of recover Facebook account password.

Recover Facebook password using trusted friends

Well, the procedure to recover my Facebook account through friends is very simple and straight. The client simply needs to follow the instructions mentioned and reset the account password.

  • Initially, the user needs to visit the login page of Facebook.
  • Further, the user is required to click on the Forgot account and launch the recovery page.
  • Now, enter the full name, phone number, or email to identify the Facebook account.
  • Once the account is identified, the user will be offered with the recovery options.
  • Then, opt for not have an access link to proceed with the recovery.
  • Provide the new email or phone number and continue with the process.
  • After that, the user is required to click on reveal on trusted friends list and send the link with the code to the trusted friends.
  • Further, use the code sent to the trusted friends to access the Facebook account and reset the Facebook password.

And with the end of this process, the customer can easily recover the Facebook account in time. Alternatively, there is one more way to access Facebook accounts with the help of friends that include the following steps.

  • For this process, the customer is required to login to their Facebook account multiple times,
  • When the user fails, they will be prompted with an error notification and an option to identify the friends from the provided.
  • Further, the user needs to identify five friends from the list and confirm the same.
  • Once the user is verified, the user can follow the provided steps to reset their account password.

Besides, if the customer has queries regarding the procedure to recover Facebook account, they can reach out to the help center and seek required help for the recovery process and access uninterrupted Facebook services.


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